MoneySupermarket and PayBreak technology lead joins smart comparison fintech Monva as CTO

Simon Dawson will join former MoneySupermarket, MBNA and Virgin Money heads in a mission to end ‘dumb comparison’

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Simon Dawson will join former MoneySupermarket, MBNA and Virgin Money heads in a mission to end ‘dumb comparison’

Smart comparison start-up Monva, have announced Simon Dawson, former Group Chief Architect at MoneySupermarket and CTO of PayBreak and as their Chief Technology Officer today, strengthening its proposition.

Simon brings more than 18 years of experience to the fintech, leading technology environments for brands such as IBM and

Monva is a new smart comparison service and the brainchild of CEO Steve Wiley (,, MBNA) and COO Stuart Wakefield (Virgin Money, Tuxedo Money Solutions, MBNA), in their mission to lead the next generation of financial price comparison by delivering smart comparison services.

The Deeside-based fintech will combine AI, machine learning and smart technology to save customers time and money on a variety of financial products including credit cards, loans, energy and communications.

With just 20% of UK consumers regularly switching financial products, Monva uses its smart AI assistant, ‘Mo’, to make comparing products quicker, easier and smarter than traditional comparison sites.

Steve Wiley, Chief Executive Officer at Monva said; “Simon brings a wealth of experience in comparison, technology and scaling fintech businesses to the monva team.

“At Monva, we’re on a mission to end ‘dumb comparison’, which has seen traditional comparison sites rely on expensive advertising gimmicks to attract customers rather than investing in improving the services they offer.

“As a result, customers are being left to still do the majority of the legwork when it comes to switching, and in many cases are missing out on the best possible deals for their circumstance.

“We think the UK deserves better, and we’re excited to welcome someone as experienced and talented as Simon to our team to help us continue to improve and innovate smart comparison technology, save people across the UK time and money, and find them the right deal, every time.”

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