Who are the Big 6 energy suppliers?

You might have read a lot of statements about the Big Six energy suppliers, but do you know who they are and how they became known as the Big 6?

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There are currently around 60 energy suppliers operating in the UK. Of those, there are 6 that dominate the market. Often referred to as the Big 6, it’s made up of:

  1. British Gas

  2. SSE

  3. E.ON

  4. npower

  5. EDF Energy

  6. ScottishPower

It’s estimated the Big 6 supply energy to 76% of UK households, in other words more than 7 homes in 10 in the UK have their energy supplied by either British Gas, SSE, E.ON, npower, EDF Energy or ScottishPower.

BUT are they the best?

The Big 6 does not necessarily mean the Best 6.

According to Ofgem research, the Big 6 receive more complaints from their customers than small and medium suppliers. Nearly 1,500 complaints per 100,000 customers, compared to 827 for small energy suppliers in Q3 of 2020.

As well as higher rates of customer complaints, the Big 6 aren’t always the cheapest energy suppliers on the market. So, what makes them the Big 6?

Simply put, they’re referred to as the Big 6 because they have the most customers. However, this is not necessarily due to them having the lowest prices or the best customer service but to how long some of the Big 6 have been operating for (British Gas has been operating for over 200 years), or due to which companies they’ve merged with.

Should I switch my energy away from a Big 6 supplier?

Smaller energy suppliers can be a valid alternative to a Big 6 supplier. They offer similar deals and quite often have higher levels of customer satisfaction.

That being said you’ll typically find that all energy suppliers, big or small, have cheaper entry tariffs and a more expensive standard variable tariff that customers are automatically rolled onto once their fixed rate deal comes to an end.

One of the biggest barriers for switching though is still a lack of trust in their reliability. 2020 has been a tougher year than most for all industries, and it has seen energy suppliers such as Tonik, Yorkshire Energy and Effortless Energy cease trading.

However, due to Ofgem measures, should an energy supplier cease trading you won’t experience an interruption to your energy supply. Should this happen your supply would simply be switched to another supplier.

How can I find an alternative?

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