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We don’t believe gimmicks are necessary when it comes to your finances. At Monva we believe in helping you to switch smart and worry less.

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For 20 years price comparison websites have been the most powerful way for consumers to get a good deal on finance, insurance and utilities.

And for 20 years, these services have left the user to do the hard work, continually entering the same information and unsure whether the results they’re being shown are biased or are really personalised to their individual needs.

When our founders came together to discuss what became Monva, one of the first questions they asked themselves was “don’t consumers deserve better than gimmicks when making important financial decisions?”.

The answer was easy: YES, THEY DO!

Our promise to our customers is simple: We’ll help you to switch smart and worry less

We’ve reimagined price comparison using smart technology to make financial comparison as easy as it can be. There are millions of people who haven’t used or are suspicious of using other comparison services. A recent IPSOS mori poll said that 36% of users had trust in the results they saw.

We think it’s time to change!

By using artificial intelligence and keeping you in complete control of your personal information and switching journey we believe we’re the best partner to help you to save money on your energy bill. We’ll automate the mundane tasks involved in switching your energy provider but leave the most important aspect in your control – hitting the button to switch.

We’ve written about this before, but it is our belief that auto-switching can be a dangerous pitfall for many. So, we’ve decided to leave that decision within your control while still automating as much of the journey as possible, including your annual search for the best energy deal.

If you are ready to take the leap and use the next generation of switching that takes your finances as seriously as you do start comparing now.

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