Top ten tips to take control of your energy bills this winter

There are some quick and easy savings to be made following our handy guide

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There are many options available to you to make your home more energy efficient, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites to help lower your energy bills this winter...

  1. Minimise your draughts – can you feel cold air coming in from under an external door? Installing a weatherbar or door brush strip will prevent a draught and with prices starting around £6 it’s a quick fix for a costly problem.

    Closing your curtains of an evening can also help to keep in the heat as well as using a draught excluder on internal doors.

  2. Optimise your thermostat – turning down the heat by a single 1oC can save you up to £75 on your heating bill alone according to the Energy Saving Trust.

    But there’s more to optimising your thermostat than simply turning down the heat – utilise your timers not only for your heating but your hot water too.

  3. Don’t block your radiators – this is something we think we all might be guilty of. By pushing your furniture right up against your radiators you’re preventing heat from effectively penetrating the room. So, pull your sofa a few inches away to allow the hot air to circulate!

  4. Don’t heat every room – unless you’re using every room in your home, turn down the radiators in any spaces you’re not using or that doesn’t need heating. Be mindful of turning them off completely as you don’t want to cause any issues with damp!

  5. Use energy efficient light bulbs – over its lifetime an energy efficient bulb could save you up to £180. So as your traditional incandescent bulbs blow, replace them with more energy efficient LED bulbs. And if you’re already using energy efficient bulbs, remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

  6. Turn off and unplug – did you know keeping devices on standby could be costing you as much as £30 a year?! So, when your devices are not in use turn them off and cut them off at the source – the plug! Leaving phones, tablets and other electronic devices on charge unnecessary can also add-up, so make sure to unplug them once they’re charged.

  7. Wash at 300C – a lot of the cost associated with running your washing machine actually comes from heating the water. By washing your clothes at a lower temperate you can spend less and with laundry detergents optimised to clean at lower temperatures you don’t have to compromise on hygiene.

  8. Take advantage of government energy grants - from upgrading your boiler to double glazing or solar panels, the government offers assistance in making your home more energy efficient which in turn reduces your energy bills!

  9. PUT ON A JUMPER – an oldie, but a goodie and someone was bound to say it. Before reaching for the thermostat, add layers. Putting on a jumper, a pair of socks or adding an extra blanket to the bed can stave off the need to crank the heat.

  10. Finally, if you haven’t already done so, switch your energy supplier – Monva make energy switching quick and easy. So why not check today if you could be saving money on your energy deal?! Amazingly, there are 11 million people still paying for their energy supplier's standard variable tariff. Even with the energy price cap, you could be paying hundreds of pounds more than you need to for your energy supply.

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