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It has never been easier to switch to a green energy deal. With suppliers dedicated to supplying only green energy and the big energy companies producing more green energy, going green could not only save the planet but it’ll also save you money.

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You can compare green energy prices and switch today through Monva, we’ll find you the right tariff every time and if you specifically want to find a green energy deal you can choose to only see renewable energy tariffs.

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What is green energy?

There are a few forms of renewable energy including renewable electricity, renewable gas and carbon offset gas. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, green energy is infinite - it’ll never run out.

What is renewable electricity?

Renewable electricity is produced in a number of ways from harnessing the sun, wind or even tides.

Unlike traditional methods, producing electricity from renewable sources doesn’t require the burning of fossil fuels. Meaning it’s carbon-neutral, it doesn’t produce the harmful greenhouse gases that are affecting climate change.

What is renewable gas?

Renewable or biogas is produced using organic matter such as manure or even sewage. It’s created using anaerobic digestion, a process in which organic matter is broken down by bacteria in the absence of oxygen. This process produces natural gas that can be used as fuel and nutrient-rich fertiliser.

What is carbon offset gas?

Carbon offset gas is still a fossil fuel, however, due to carbon offset schemes companies ‘neutralise’ their carbon emissions by supporting green projects. Trees are one of the most important factors in absorbing harmful CO2 so, many offsetting projects involve either protecting forests from deforestation and/or the planting of new trees.

What are the benefits of green energy?

  • It doesn’t run out. Renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas are produced from finite sources so unlike traditional fossil fuels they won’t run out.

  • It’s competitively priced. As the technology to produce renewable electricity has improved it’s now cheaper than ever before to supply your home with renewable electricity.

  • It’s more popular than ever. 2020 was the greenest year for UK electricity. In fact, in Q1 of 2020, 47% of the electricity the UK produced was from renewable sources.

How is green energy generated?

Green electricity is all produced in the same way: turning turbines to generate electricity as they rotate. However, the force that’s turning the turbine isn’t always the same. Common sources of green energy include:

  • Wind

    Wind turbines harness the wind to generate electricity. Placed in windy areas, the wind turns the blades of the turbine to produce electricity

  • Solar

    Solar panels utilise the power from the sun. As sunlight hits the panels it creates an electric field, which allows us to turn the suns energy into electricity

  • Hydroelectric

    Produced using dams over large rivers. By controlling the flow of water, it can be directed through generators to produce electricity

  • Tidal

    Tidal energy is produced by harnessing the rise and fall of the ocean tides and currents.

  • Biofuels

    The most common way to generate electricity through biofuels is ‘direct combustion’. This simply means burning agricultural waste or wood to heat water, which produces steam that in turn rotate the turbines that generate electricity. So there are emissions with biofuels.

  • Geothermal

    Electricity can be generated by using heat from deep within the earth to heat up water to create steam. As with biofuels, this steam rotates turbines to generate electricity.

How to find a green energy tariff

The best way to find a green energy deal is by using a price comparison website. Using Monva to find a green energy deal is quick and easy, we’ve done away with never-ending forms and we’ll securely store your information within your account so you can search again with ease.

Switching to a green energy deal is also simple with Monva, we’ll pass along the information required for your application and other than adding in a few more details (such as payment info) you simply need to click-to-switch.

While we can and do estimate your energy usage, the best way for you to find the cheapest green energy tariff is by getting your exact usage from a recent bill. That way we can give you an accurate estimate of your bill value and annual savings.

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