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We’ve taken the hard work out of price comparison making it easier to search and compare, and helping you find the right deal every time.

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At Monva we’re not just another price comparison service. Our mission is to enable people, like you, to switch smart and worry less.

What does switch smart, worry less mean?

We use the latest technology to help you search and compare products and services from the brands you want to see, saving you time, money and hassle when switching your energy, finding credit cards for balance transfers and purchases, and personal loans (coming soon!) for those larger purchases.

Let’s face it, using price comparison websites has become hard work so when we say we’ve taken the hard work out of switching, we mean:

  • We’re doing away with endless forms replacing them with an easy-to-use Ai Chatbot, mo! mo isn’t a real person, there is no ‘live chat’ as such, just a simpler way to provide your information and obtain a quote.

  • We use the information you provide to make ongoing switching smarter. When you search for a balance transfer credit card, a purchases credit card, a credit card for bad credit or to get a better deal on your energy, we set you up with access to your own Monva ID. Here you can log in and access your previous quotes, and when it’s time to search again your information is available to make the search happen in seconds.

  • With your permission, we continue to look for new offers and deals, and bring them to you so you can make the decision whether you switch. We don’t think auto-switching is great for customers, and so we want to keep you in control of the decision.

  • We are improving Monva all the time making it the fastest, most personalised switching service to use when switching energy supplier or searching for a credit card and will keep you informed as we add new features that may benefit you.

As a team we have over 150 years of experience in price comparison and financial services. You might be asking yourself ‘why does that matter’? Well, for starters, we’re well versed in the problems that existing price comparison services represent, so you’re in good hands.

More importantly, we are independent, unbiased and focused on the Customer. You will only see results that are good for you, based on you.

Take control of your finances with Monva

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