Switch your energy supplier in under a minute with Monva

Sick and tired of having to fill in forms every time you compare? We help you switch every year and do the hard work for you.

At Monva we’ve reimagined energy comparison for today’s user. We’ve used our expertise and smart technology to provide the most personalised switching service on the market, so you can switch your energy deal in under a minute.

Yes, you read that right. Less than 60 seconds.

To bring you the most personalised energy comparison and switching service we ask our users to sign up for free. Having an account with Monva means you can switch smart and worry less.

Monva allows you to compare and switch in less than 60 seconds, as the information you need is securely stored and readily available for all of your searches.

What’s more, within your Monva account you can tell us about yourself; your favourite brands, how you want us to message you, or you can even tell us things like 100% renewable energy is important to you.

All this information is saved in your account and we’ll tailor your search results to those preferences. We also save your searches and offers in there so you can go back to them later.

Searching for energy with Monva and saving your information means that every year, as your current energy deal comes to an end, we’ll renew your search to find the best energy deal for you and bring them to your attention. We’ll also leave you in complete control of your switch, just to give you extra peace of mind.

If you’re happy with the deal, simply click to switch.

We think it’s time you switch smart and worry less! Chat with mo, our artificially intelligent chatbot and compare energy suppliers today.

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Meet mo

mo is your money virtual assistant
Monva - get it?

mo is here to guide you through your searches, and offer useful tips and information to help you make smart choices and find the right deal every time

mo will also be in touch with new personalised offers and deals as they hit the market meaning you're always informed and on top of money saving offers

Mo helps you make smarter choices


We want you to find the right deal, every time. We look for new ways to personalise your experience


We're ready when you are, monva works for you and takes the hard work out of comparison


Manage all quotes, offers and renewals through your central account. You can register now or search for a credit card


We value every bit of data you give us. We keep it safe, let you control it, and make it work hard for you.

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