Sick and tired of forms?

Does your heart sink when asked to complete ANOTHER form? Traditional comparison sites are hard work, so we’ve reinvented price comparison to make it work smarter for you!

How many times can you be expected to fill out the same forms over and over again before you become worn out with it all?

Too many! Price comparison hasn’t changed in 20 years, so we are here to change it for good.

It can take users on average 10-15 minutes to conduct a search on traditional price comparison websites. And once you’ve completed your search, it seems they only save as much of the information you supply them as is needed for them to send you marketing messages.

No wonder so many people in the UK don’t believe they have the time to shop around to find a better deal.

At Monva we believe in making your data work harder for you. So, we securely store your information within your user account. Meaning after you spend an easy 3 minutes supplying the information needed to carry out your first search and switch, from there on in it’ll take less than a minute to repeat the exercise.

Within your Monva online account you can also set your preferences meaning the deals we show you are tailored to your individual needs!

Do I need to fill out a form to set up my Monva account?

No, we are on a mission to bring form filling to a minimum! Let us introduce you to mo, our Ai driven chat bot.

Not to be confused with chatbots for customer service, mo is there to help you conduct your energy search. You only have to tap and enter the smallest amount of information by answering the questions to carry out your energy comparison. A simple search with mo will capture the information needed to create your account. Once you have an account with Monva, mo will work tirelessly in the background to continually search for the best deals on your behalf.

You’ll be notified of any money saving opportunities and we’ll always leave you in complete control of your switch while keeping it as simple as possible. Happy with the deal we’ve found you? Simply click to switch!

Ready to say goodbye to endless form completion? Say hello to mo today!

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Meet mo

mo is your money virtual assistant
Monva - get it?

mo is here to guide you through your searches, and offer useful tips and information to help you make smart choices and find the right deal every time

mo will also be in touch with new personalised offers and deals as they hit the market meaning you're always informed and on top of money saving offers

Mo helps you make smarter choices


We want you to find the right deal, every time. We look for new ways to personalise your experience


We're ready when you are, monva works for you and takes the hard work out of comparison


Manage all quotes, offers and renewals through your central account. You can register now or search for a credit card


We value every bit of data you give us. We keep it safe, let you control it, and make it work hard for you.

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