More ways to save on your energy

Looking for more ways to save on your gas and electric? We’ve got you covered!

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Conduct a home energy check

Investing in better insulation, energy-efficient appliances or windows can reduce your energy bills.

While newer homes (built from the 1990's onward) have wall insulation, older homes don't and consequently they lose around 35% of their heat through the walls. Having your walls properly insulated could save you hundreds on your annual energy bill.

Loft insulation is another great way to save on heating your home. You could lose up to 25% of homes heat through an uninsulated loft. Much like opting to insulate your walls, this could give you significant annual savings.

Choosing to update your boiler to a high-efficiency condensing boiler could save you as much as £300* on your energy as these newer boilers have efficiency ratings of over 90% (compared with only 70% for older boilers). The savings are so significant because these boilers need a fraction of the fuel to do the same job.

Finally, by replacing single-pane windows with double, or even triple, glazed windows you'll not only increase the energy efficiency of your home, but you'll reduce the amount of noise that enters your home from outside and reduce the condensation that builds up on the inside of your windows.

Grants and benefits

Energy Saving Trust UK offers financial support to make your home more energy-efficient or to install renewable technologies.

Government energy efficiency schemes

Thele are also government initiatives that can help with the costs of home improvements.

  • In England, Wales and Scotland, the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) and the Green Deal

  • In Wales, Nest

  • In Scotland, the Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland (HEEPS)

  • Telephone 0300 123 1234, for England and Wales, and 0808 8082282, for Scotland

Avoid wasting energy

  • Use the timer on your central heating so your heating and hot water only comes on when you need it

  • Set your cylinder thermostat to 600C if you have a hot water tank

  • Keep in the heat by closing your curtains to prevent it from escaping through your windows

  • Turn off your lights when you leave the room

  • Don’t leave your devices on charge or leave your appliances on standby

  • Only boil the water you need. If you’re only making a single cup of tea only put enough water in your kettle for that one cup. Adding more water means your kettle needs to use more electricity to boil it.

Switch your energy

Monva can help you compare gas and electric tariffs from over 50 energy suppliers. Ensuring to routinely switch your energy means you’re always getting the best deal.

If you haven’t switched your energy previously, or recently, you might find there are significant savings to be made. Whereas if you’re a savvy switcher, you might find that there’s little difference between the price or your old tariff and your new one. But that’s ok. By switching to a new fixed rate tariff, as your old one comes to an end, you’re ensuring you don’t overpay for your energy. And by signing up to Monva’s free to use energy alert service, any time you could make a saving by switching your energy we can alert you to let know.

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