Find out how Monva finds you the right deal every time

Monva uses smart technology to present you with the best energy deals to suit your needs. We’re dedicated to helping our users switch smart and worry less.

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While Monva is new to the marketplace, our founders aren’t. They’ve used their experience, knowledge and expertise to reimagine price comparison and switching.

We are using smart technology to simplify the energy switching process saving you time, money and hassle. In today's challenging times, Monva helps make your money one thing less to worry about.


  • Instead of filling out forms, you chat with mo our Ai Chatbot.

  • Smart technology finds you the right deal every time.

  • Your results are based on your needs and preferences and other information you provide.

  • Monva works behind the scenes bringing you new deals and offers based on your personal information taking the hard work of switching in future.


  • Our Smart Assistant means an end to forms! mo answers your questions when needed.

  • mo tells you what you need to know about each product making energy switching easily.


  • We are independent, completely unbiased with no opera singers, meerkats or other random marketing gimmick getting in the way of finding a great deal!

  • We are regulated by the FCA and with over 150 years of price comparison and financial services experience in the team you can be sure we are acting in your interests.

We’ve removed unnecessary steps and streamlined the process, and by securely storing your information within your Monva online account you don’t need to continually provide the same information time and time again. We'll only ever ask you to provide information that is central to your search, and as our proposition grows, we’ll offer you more ways to switch smart.

How do we really find you the right deal every time?

Our energy panel is made up of over 50 suppliers, including the big 6 of British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power and SSE. So, by using Monva you’re already spoiled for choice.

But not only do we have a vast array of energy suppliers, we also allow you to set your preferences to tailor the results you see.

Had a bad experience with one brand in particular? You can let us know, and we’ll hide them from your results.

Would you prefer to see energy deals for 100% renewable energy? Great, we’ll highlight them for you.

You’ll always have the option to see results you’ve asked us to hide, and what’s more, we’ll always prioritise showing you the best deal for you, not us! Comparison services like ours make their money from commission, and different providers and different deals offer differing amounts of commission. At Monva we’re committed to always showing our customers the best deals for them!

We’ll save your searches and offers in your Monva account too. So, if you’re not yet ready to switch you can always come back to it later - just don’t wait too long as energy prices are changing all the time.

And finally, we’ll keep monitoring the energy market to see if we can find you a better deal than the one you’re on, and when we can we’ll bring it to your attention. When the time comes to find a new energy deal as your current one comes to an end (usually around 12 months) we’ll search for you, bringing you the best deals without you lifting a finger (or tapping a screen!).

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