How To Get Help With Your Debts

Looking for ways to reduce your debts? Or need some help in dealing with them? Here you'll find the details of organisations that can help.

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Whilst January can be a great time of year to get things in order and start working towards your goals for the new year, it can also be a tough time too. 

With Blue Monday, Christmas expenses mounting up and the rising cost of living it can be a struggle to look at your finances positively. 

But even when debts are mounting and costs are going up there is always help. 

If you are confident in managing your debts yourself and just want to organise your finances a little more or reduce the amount of interest you are paying, you could consider a debt consolidation loan or a balance transfer credit card. 

If your debts are getting on top of you and you are struggling to cope there are a few organisations that you can contact for help. 


StepChange is a charity that offers out free debt advice. They have over 25 years of experience offering help to people struggling with their debt. 

No matter the size of your problem they are on hand to help, they will ask you some details about your situation, talk you through the options available and then help you implement a solution. 

You can contact StepChange via; 

National Debtline 

National Debline is a debt charity run by the Money Advice trust that offers free and independent debt advice over the phone and online. You can even chat with an adviser via live chat on their website. 

Their services are free of charge and over 25 years they have helped out millions of people to take control of their debts. 

You can contact National Debtline via; 

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is a charity that can help with all kinds of needs be it housing, legal, family issues, work issues, and of course debt issues.  

You can contact Citizens Advice via; 

  • Their national phone line on 0800 144 8848

  • Their website

  • Your local Citizens Advice Centre - though bear in mind Coronavirus restrictions may impact face-to-face meetings. 

Dealing with issues around debt can take its toll on your mental health, so if you are struggling reach out to a friend or family member or contact a charity such as Mind or The Samaritans for someone to talk to.

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