Exclusive 100% green energy deal!

This offer was withdrawn 09/02/2021

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Who is Pure Planet?

Pure Planet was founded by friends who wanted to offer green energy for less than brown, polluting power. Using smart technology and a shared community they want to make being sustainable the easy choice.

What is the tariff?

100% Green MSM 12m Fixed Dec20 v1

Why this tariff?

Fixed for 12 months, this tariff is not only one of the greenest energy tariffs available it is also in the top 5 of the cheapest switchable tariffs in the UK.

The energy supplied is 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas! And with an average bill value of £964** per year, it’s hard to say no!

See how much you could save today!

This offer was withdrawn 09/02/2021. Find other great deals by searching for a great energy deal today

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*Details correct as of 06/01/2021. Offers subject to change or be removed at short notice. **Average bill value based on Ofgem figures for medium dual-fuel use. Tariff exclusive to Monva and the Decision Technology partner network. Exit fee of £30 per fuel if you leave the tariff after the cooling off period and before the switching window. Paperless billing and online account management only. Billing is seasonally adjusted meaning DirectDebits are lower in the summer than in winter to match your average usage. Available to new dual fuel and single electricity only customers.