Dual fuel vs. single fuel energy tariffs

Do you ever wonder whether you could get a better deal by combining or splitting your energy supply? This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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When it comes to finding a better energy deal you might find it difficult to figure out how to get the most for your money. One question you might find yourself asking is whether-or-not there is more money to be saved by having separate tariffs for your gas and electricity or whether combing them in a dual fuel tariff is more cost effective.

We’re here to help you answer that question.

What is a dual fuel tariff?

A dual fuel tariff is when an energy supplier provides both your electricity and gas under one bill. Dual fuel tariffs are quite common and can be found in fixed, online and standard variety tariffs.

Are dual fuel tariffs cheaper?

Unfortunately, there’s no quick answer to that question. You might find there are discounts to be had by having both your gas and electricity supplied by the same provider. Or you might find that the cheapest electricity tariff and the cheapest gas tariff are from different suppliers.

Keep in mind though, that savings to be made by having independent energy tariffs are normally small and the added admin can often outweigh the benefit of those savings.


  • Occasionally, suppliers will offer cheaper rates to dual fuel customers. Discounts can be up to 15% by having same supplier and paying via DirectDebit.

  • Typically, it’s easier to have a dual fuel tariff as you only have one supplier to deal with.


  • Sometimes you can find cheaper rates by sourcing your gas and electricity from different providers

  • The time taken to find the relatively small savings may outweigh the saving itself .

Figuring out if you could save more by combining your supply of gas and electric or by splitting it out doesn’t have to be difficult either. By conducting different searches through Monva, we’ll save your search results and best offers. Meaning you can compare the price of a dual fuel tariff versus the combined cost of single fuel tariffs for your gas and electricity supply.

So, is it better to have separate gas and electric suppliers?

While there can occasionally be marginal savings to be made by having separate supplies for your household energy it does mean double the admin. Two bills, two suppliers to ring (or apps to use) if you need to supply meter readings, two end dates to keep track off.

This time can be better spent by actively switching your energy tariff every year.

It's worth noting though that some suppliers, even when you have a dual fuel tariff will send separate bills for each fuel. However, most will provide a single combined bill each billing period.

Now that you know the ins-and-outs of dual fuel vs single fuel tariffs there’s no better time to see how much you could save by searching for your next energy deal through Monva.

Finding a new energy tariff doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find a new tariff and switch in just a few minutes with Monva. We’ll also keep track of the best deals on offer and let you know when you could save more.

When it comes time to switch again, we’ve got everything automated bar the most important thing – a click from you to confirm you’re happy with the switch! Giving you extra peace of mind.

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