British Gas to increase their prices

Come April, the cost of British Gas’ default tariff will increase by £97 a year for a dual fuel bill.

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Following Ofgem’s announcement regarding the increase to the energy price cap in April 2021 two weeks ago, British Gas is the first of the UK’s largest energy providers to confirm it’ll be changing its prices.

Come April, the cost of British Gas’ default tariff will increase by £97 a year for a dual fuel bill. Meaning they’re taking full advantage of the adjusted energy price cap.

It’s expected this change will impact 2.3 million British Gas customers, who are either already on their default tariff or will soon be moved onto it when their fixed rate deal comes to an end.

A spokesperson for British Gas said:

Ofgem announced a new price cap on February 5, we’ve confirmed that we would move our SVT to the new Ofgem price cap level.

It’s likely that more energy providers will also take advantage of Ofgem’s announcement and we’re expecting more suppliers to begin announcing changes to their default tariffs.

Why has the energy price cap been increased?

The price cap has been increased due to a surge in global energy commodity prices has raised the cost of sourcing gas from the wholesale market. It also includes a £23 increase to assist suppliers in reclaiming cash missed because of unpaid bills during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ofgem has advised this allowance is intended to help energy suppliers in offering emergency financial assistance and payment plans to protect customers - particularly vulnerable customers.

It’s important to note, however, that the price cap and British Gas’ announcement only affects default (or standard variable rate) tariffs.

This means if you’re already on a fixed rate tariff with British Gas, this announcement won’t affect you.

If you are on a standard variable rate tariff (or your fixed-rate deal is due to end) you can expect an increase to your bills in April 2021. You can prevent this by switching your energy.

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