About us

monva is Smart Comparison

We are leading the next generation in consumer financial price comparison and switching.

Our Mission

We think the comparison market is ready for change – 80% of UK Adults have either never switched a product or service or switched only once.

We’re on a mission to reimagine how we compare and buy products and services by removing the friction involved in buying financial services and utility products, using customer data for good and automating mundane tasks.

monva helps users make smart decisions, our next generation comparison platform finds users the right deal, every time.

We're calling an end to Dumb Comparison!

By dumb, we mean comparison sites that:

  • Treat you like a transaction, not a customer
  • Force you to enter the same data form after form after form…(we’re looking at you financial services)
  • Hide behind characters and gimmicks that have no relevance to the customer experience
  • Prioritise their commission over your results

You know, the sites that make you do all the hard work!

How does monva work?

monva makes comparing and buying as easy as possible by providing access to smart comparison services.


  • Smart technology finds you the right deal everytime
  • Smart results based on your needs and preferences
  • Smart switching and renewals


  • mo, your money virtual assistant helps and guides you where you need it most
  • mo answers your questions when needed
  • mo works behind the scenes bringing you new deals and offers based on your personal information
  • Sparingly irreverent


  • Smart information - beyond the norm, monva tells you what you need to know. Calm and unbiased
  • Smart control of data - open and transparent
  • Respectful of your marketing preferences
  • Super secure and respectful of your data

New, relevant and actionable offers are presented to you at the right time and based on next-level personalisation.

We only ask for information relevant to your search, and store this information in a central account where you can access your previous searches, manage product renewals, and importantly, your personal data and marketing preferences.


Drop us a line at hello@monva.co.uk

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